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Nature & Actιvities

Thassos, the northernmost island of Greece is covered in 3/5 by woods. The combination of the green of the forests and the azure of olive trees gives a tone of uniqueness to the island. The top of this mountain is Ipsarion at an altitude of 1200 meters. From this altitude lies around the grandeur of the island.

Every glance, a painting. From here you can see Mount Athos, Lemnos amd Samothrace islands and even the Straits of Dardanelles. Steep slopes to the north, gentle ones to the south with geological formations to alternate. The result of all these is the synthesis of a unique ecosystem. On this mountain stretch the lush forests of Thassos of unique beauty. The vegetation is rich with dominant species the black and trachea pines. At the highest points and near mount Ipsarion we encounter clumps of fir.

Plane trees cover the valleys of the island, where there are running waters almost throughout the year. Water gushes from springs located on the outskirts of the mountain.In many cases we come across regions with chestnut trees, such as Rachoni and Potamia.At areas of lower altitude, semi-mountainous and flat, we encounter areas covered with olive trees. It is presumed that the first olive trees in the flat regions mainly Prinos, Rachoni, Sotiras were planted by the era of the Phoenicians. There is lush vegetation of bushes (arbutus, heath) and aromatic plants (mountain tea or ferrite, oregano, mint, sedge).

During your stay at Thassos you can find pure and natural local products, aromatic plants and herbs for a healthy Mediterranean diet, collected from the mountains of Thassos. Pure virgin olive oil, pine and thyme scented oregano and honey, traditional raki (tsipouro) and the notorious preserves such as the sweet walnut of Thassos.

During your stay at the stone-built apartments “Arsinoe” you can enjoy: Bike rides, hiking, climbing, fishing, water sports and scuba diving.
The morphology and natural beauty of the island are ideal for activities close to nature. There are numerous natural trails that by following them you discover breathtaking landscapes.