Arsinoi Stonehouses- thassos
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Places to visit

"Palataki", which operated as Speidel’s offices at the beginning of the 20th century constitutes a sample of unique architecture for the region. Later, the building was deserted and a recent redevelopment was completed with a beautiful aesthetic result.

On one of the peaks of Thassos, at an altitude of 800 m, lies the most ancient settlement of the village, Kastro (Castle). It flourished during the years that piracy ravaged the Aegean Sea and was abandoned later when locals came to work at the mines of Speidel company. At the village square is located the church of St. Athanasios. For several years the village was abandoned, until recently that local owners renovated their houses. In January, at the celebration of St. Athanasios, Kastro emerges from its lethargy as locals from all over the island join the feast with food and songs.